Water Transfer Services Launch

Water Management Services

DHI is proud to announce the now service product line. The Water Management division is providing water transfer services in the Rocky Mtn Region and has plans to expand into other regions in the near future. This service couples with our storage solutions division that provides various standard and custom storage systems for a multitude of applications.

Please see our web site for details and reach out to us for details.

The equipment selected by DHI for water transfer services was picked for being the best available on the market. DHI has invested in large diameter hose capable of feeding and frac demand and has selected the materials used by putting service reliability, safety, durability and versatility first.

DHI employs 12” Polyurethane hose for high resistance to the harsh environment. Pumps come in two sizes 600HP as a primary pump and 325 for inline pumps on a long push.

The deployment equipment has been selected for ease of use, reliability and speed of deployment while not compromising safety. DHI’s design team has put some innovative designs together to make operations simpler and more versatile. (See specific Data Sheets) DHI can provide the Frac Tanks and storage needs to complement water transfer.

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