DHI Launches the New Sand Tiger II

Five (5) Units available in the Permian Basin

The new DHI Sand Tiger II (TM) is a system that allows full separation of sand from liquids in the flow back and well clean up operations on a well site.

Equipped with high efficiency gas busters minimizing spray on location while separating sand effectively from liquids as it flows to the separation hopper. A drag chain removal system draws sand from the well effluent allowing it to be collected in bins etc. both solids and liquids can be disposed of or re-used at a low recovery cost. The Sand Tiger has intrinsically safe electrical components and fitted with a 5 HP drag system producing over 1750 ft.lbs of torque on the chain system. The unit is capable of handling over 350,000 lbs of sand per day with peak rates exceeding 500,000 lbs per day. Liquid flow rates are in excess of 15,000 bbls/day with the assistance of transfer pumps.

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