Health, Safety, & Environmental Assurance

The Management Team of DHI is dedicated to providing a safe and efficient working environment for our employees as well as our customers. Through training, compliance, and continual improvement, we strive to educate our staff to act with integrity at all times. Safety and operations remain equally important to our business.  We feel that these are not two distinct disciplines, but rather a cohesive concept of safe operations.

Coupled with providing a safe work place, DHI strives to achieve zero impact to the environment. Through continual evaluation of our operations we identify potential environmental weaknesses in our program and immediately correct these weaknesses to prevent environmental impact. We work diligently to stay current with state and federal regulations and seek to be regarded as an environmentally friendly workplace. Through sound policies, procedures, and training we educate our employees on safe environmental work practices.

Our employees are the foundation of our Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) program. Each employee receives the training necessary to carry out safe operations. Safety is a condition of employment at DHI, requiring that all employees participate in our HSE program. Employees are required to follow all of the established Policies and Procedures set forth by DHI and to participate in all required trainings and safety programs established by DHI, Employees have a responsibility to immediately report all unsafe acts, unsafe conditions, environmental incidents, or potential environmental incidents to their supervisor and have the authority to cease any operation that poses an immediate threat of injury or damage. Supervisors and managers have the responsibility to take immediate actions to correct such situations. No operation shall be undertaken or continued where there is an immediate threat of harm to any employee.

Each employee is responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them. Each supervisor and manager shall be held accountable for the safety of those they oversee. They shall investigate all accidents/incidents involving persons under their supervision and develop corrective actions to ensure future accidents/incidents do not occur.

DHI is dedicated to providing a drug and alcohol free working environment at all of our locations. All employees are required to report to work fit-for-duty and free from illicit drugs, controlled substances, or any other substance that impairs their ability to safely perform their duties. All employees are expected to comply with our drug-free policy, including the drug and alcohol testing procedures outlined in said policy. This policy is applied in a manner that is consistent with applicable laws and regulations.

The success of the DHI Health, Safety, and Environmental protection program relies on the full cooperation and support of all of our employees. The policies stated herein shall be applied to all DHI locations with the ultimate goal of zero incidents.

DHI HSE Manual Table of Contents




The DHI Safety management system is designed to develop with time progressively improving as we learn as a company and with the industries ever moving best practice standards.


DHI employs a Behavior Based Observation (BBO) system to create awareness across the company of the hazards and risks we face in our day to day operations.

Risk analysis and Job Safety Analysis has become part of the DHI culture where all operations are assessed properly during the planning stage. We ensure our employees have the right equipment for the job and that no new employees are ever in a position that leaves them unsure of what to do and how to react.

All DHI employees have Stop Work Authority regardless of circumstance or inherent cost.