Vapor Tight Storage and Flowback Tanks

DHI Vapor Tight Storage and Flowback Tanks Green Flowback Green Flowback and Storage Tanks The vapor tight tanks are all designed to hold a pressure of 16 oz/ pressure which is considered a positive pressure atmospheric tank. The pressure relief systems supplied by DHI is [...]

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Water Transfer Services Launch

Water Management Services DHI is proud to announce the now service product line. The Water Management division is providing water transfer services in the Rocky Mtn Region and has plans to expand into other regions in the near future. This service couples with our storage solutions division that provides various standard [...]

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Product Description Chemical storage tank that is capable of holding acids and bases from pH 0 to 14 The tank is 1.25 inch thick Polyethylene vessel with 440 bbl.'s capacity. The tank is housed inside a steel housing providing resistance to the rigors of work site activity and functions as secondary containment. Benefits Material [...]

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