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The DHI Company culture is one based on a simple set of values. We consider our employees to me the most valuable assets and that without them nothing would be achievable.

The core values of the company are what steer every choice we make, how we evaluate ourselves and how we hope to be valued by our customers.

Our Core Values:

  • Creativity – The ability to find new ways of doing things to make our service better, our work easier and our product more important to our customers.
  • Teamwork – Where each employee is supporting the organization however they can, and in turn knows they can depend on the support of the team, management and employees at every turn.
  • Accountability – That we hold ourselves primarily responsible for performance, customers satisfaction and all have a sense of personal ownership and responsibility over the results.
  • Productivity – The spirit and drive to do our best every day and plan effectively to deliver the best we can on time, meeting expectations and in budget.
  • Pride – We take pride in our work and how we conduct ourselves and through this earn the respect of our customers and peers in the industry.
  • Trust – We believe that trust is something we earn and our goal is to be considered undoubtedly trustworthy by our customers and amongst ourselves above all. We recognize that trust is hard earned and easily lost and thus treasure it once we have it.

DHI is a company that makes it a point to put employees first and does this through a strong, no-nonsense safety policy and a constant effort to simplify work and eliminate unnecessary procedure while having a well defined set of policies, standards and procedures that we adhere to religiously.

DHI demonstrates its commitment to providing a “great place to work” to its employees by having frequent open and meaningful communication across the company, a “door-is-always-open” philosophy and incentive plans to help align employees individual goals with company goals.

Health benefits at DHI are very good and we offer a variety of health coverage options where the company assumes between 65% and 75% of the cost, making good health insurance accessible to all employees at a minimal cost to them. These benefits can be compared with the oil and gas industry as a whole and falls in the upper 70th percentile, while in the particular segment of oilfield service and rental it falls in the top 90th percentile.

DHI is a competitive payer and provides bi-weekly pay at rates that compete squarely in the market. DHI also offers a comprehensive bonus plan for performance achievement at many levels in the company where employees can earn more based on clearly defined, achievable key performance indicators.

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